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Presidents Without Countries
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Presidents Without Countries

Presidents Without Countries

Memphis Nights brings his music works and unique voice to the skills and talents of Europes finest musicians to form Presidents Without Countries.

Making a splash in 2009 with the electric power of Stefan and the thunder of Max,
PWC was born on stage. crafted in front of crowds and matured in the studio. With
their first album soon to be recorded they bring the energy of the stage to digital
The hard rock machine of PWC have been moving crowds across the continent while
constantly writing for their upcoming release... "We are not here to re-invent the
wheel...But we put on the Mag wheels, improve the tread and make it faster....
We're here to upgrade it.....We just want to roll better"
The Deal
Austria meets Australia in the line up of PWC.
The Guitarist (Stefan) was born in Amsterdam to Austrian parents. 
Starting on Piano at an early age it was the lure of the guitar that
eventually got the best of him. Lost in a world of freelancing for a
number of small labels, music publishers and studios, as well as a
masters degree and time in Japan, he is back in Vienna….and back
on the axe! Some may know him from: Yellowtail, The Tofu Fighters,
The Stoked Hippos & Decay.
The Drummer (Max) brings the hard stuff. Playing since 1984 and
working with a number of bands, Max has a hard rock/metal flare
and an extensive touring background - including time in the US with
group "Target".   Now back, he has co-founded PWC to bring old
school noise and beats back to the people. Some may know him
from: Punkomat, Nexaestatis, Pyrogene & Target.
Bass and Vocal (Memphis Nights) arrives from Australia. 
A songwriter and composer with hundreds of tracks, and over a
decade of touring in his land, Memphis brings his swamp rock / blues
and soul background to Vienna and to the stage. With 6 records and
a new country, Memphis co-founded PWC to bring rock back to the
stone age. Some may know him from: Memphis Nights
(, Apollos' Lounge and
The Swamp Cats (Australia)
Presidents Without Countries: 3 different artists, 3 different sounds
and influences.....1 Result


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Presidents Without Countries

Wien, Niederösterreich, Burgenland

Art der Veranstaltungen:
Rockband, Duo/Trio/Quartett, Bluesband

Presidents Without Countries

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